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This Is It Shops ecomm LLC is a family owned and operated e-commerce small business struggling through this pandemic like many small businesses but we're hanging in there. We originally began selling  as  a flea market operation in Warren Michigan under the name 'Nik Nak Nooks' in May 1981. We began our business selling consumer electronics items along with copper musical sculptures (knick knacks) out of our flea market operations. Our flea market operations were so successful, we opened our 1st brick & mortar store in Ferndale MI in September 1981 with a focus on collectible knick knacks like handcrafted gift items, Precious Moments® figurines, and wooden toys - all supplied by other fleas market vendors. We continued to operate both our brick and mortar location (which later moved to a new location on 9 mile in Downtown Ferndale) and "pop up shops" in various flea markets for several years.

We jumped on the online shopping bandwagon - ecommerce - and began selling on eBay® (under the user name 'beatryce' now 'thisisitshopscom') through our 'thisisitshops' branded eBay® store in late 2003. We became THISISITSHOPS COM  L.L.C. in 2005 and continued to operate our flea market "pop up shops" and eBay® store, while slowly adding our own branded 'online' stores. We continued to sell on eBay® and became an eBay® 'Top-rated seller' in August of 2011 for our commitment to 'providing the best buying experiences to...customers as a 'PowerSeller'. To this day, e still maintain our eBay® seller account (thisisitshopcom) and you can view our eBay® 'seller feedback by clicking the image below:

When the economy began to show signs of its eventual 'collapse' - the second generation of our family took over our flea market operations while our founder operated our online eBay® store. Seeing the value of online operations,our founder faciliated the move from brick and mortar retail to selling on our own 'This Is It Shops com LLC' branded eCommerce stores in early 2008.  We then secured and registered the following domain names in addition to the original THISISITSHOPS.COM to operate our own branded ecommerce shops online. (;;; &

Although the "2002 recession" caused the early retirement of our company patriarch and the closure of several of our ecommerce shops during 2010, we continued to operate our "Electronics Superstore" eCommerce site online & still operated our flea market 'pop-up' shops. During this period we retained ownership of the 'thisisitshops' domain names for future redevelopment of online shops. In 2017, we re-registered NIK NAK NOOK as a DBA under the This Is It Shops umbrella and developed our Nik Nak Nook ecommerce site at Our new store initially featured Black Forest cuckoo clocks and along the way we added more and more unique handcrafted knick knacks from across the globe to our product line:

We we continue to be family owned and operated while providing various niche products from other independent small businesses across the globe for consumers at each of our online This Is It Shops Stores without the help of BIG BUSINESS (we rely on our customers & small business partners for support). ​​We continue to be a small business and make sure that our partner/suppliers are also "mom & pop" type small businesses where every purchase helps to support a "family" and not a major corporation. That's why we advocate to support small businesses ALWAYS.

Keeping in mind that online shopping can be a very impersonal experience for the consumer, This Is It Shops strives to offer its consumers interactive e-tail stores with various ways for the consumer to contact a “real person” to handle questions or concerns while still providing a safe and secure "e-tailing" experience on each of our websites.  This indicates our company’s policy of placing the consumer first and foremost; after all, the consumer is the foundation for any business and our commitment is to put you, the consumer, first.

We have  35+ years of experience in retail, mail order, import and export, and internet marketing of consumer electronic items along with domestic & imported handcrafted knick knacks; plus we are online shoppers ourselves.  Our Main Office (our operational center) is in Okemos, Michigan (USA), we have distribution/fulfillment centers (all small businesses where our products are shipped from) in several states including FL, MO, CA, MI, AZ, and WA, and we also import consumer electronics items DIRECT from China.  That way we can offer YOU hundreds of products and services to choose from on ANY of our websites.  And, if there is something you want but you don't see it on any of our websites, contact us and we'll try to find it for you.  That's our level of commitment to customer satisfaction!!!